Congratulations to all the winners from the inaugural Interior Design Awards 2017! Please click here to view the list of winners.



Excellent interior designs within an urban landscape — the challenge of creating a modern, vibrant and comfortable living space. Are you up for it?

Interiors are such an integral part of one's living, playing and working experience that the design of an interior space has gone beyond solely aesthetics or function. It is also about crafting a space for occupant comfort and well-being. How a space makes one feel and the impact on one's health has become as important as how a space looks and functions.

The inaugural BCI Asia Interior Design Awards seeks to recognise great interior architectural designs that stand out aesthetically, functionally and ergonomically.

This competition is a tremendous opportunity for both emerging and experienced architects and designers to showcase their creative ideas and promote excellence in designing outstanding interior spaces. The competition is also a chance for designers to generate awareness towards responsible designs (human, economic, environmental, ethical) and the importance of good design in our society.

Concept stage: To be completed on or before 31 December 2017
Completed: 1 January 2015 to 31 December 2017

The projects should be based in: Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia & Philippines.



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