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There is no limit to the number of eligible unique projects that each firm can submit. However, each project may only be submitted once.
Team entry is limited to 8 to 10 members. Entries may be submitted by any company or individual involved in the creation or production of the project, including designers, architecture firms and clients.

Step 3: EMAIL
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All submissions must be tendered anonymously, identified only by the unique User IDs assigned to the Entrants during registration. Entrants must not display their names, countries of residence and/or practice anywhere on the panels. Failure to do so may lead to the disqualification.  


a) Please present each project's information on the first page:
      • Project name

      • Location (city, country)
      • Category
      • Concept stage completed date or completed date

b) A 250-word maximum description of the project challenges

c) A 250-word 
maximum description of specific solutions to the aforementioned project challenges

d) Maximum file size = 2.5 MB, submitted in PDF format 


a) Entrants must follow a specified submission format (A2 size).
Download the submission template here:

b) Project details
The template is organised around the five judging criteria. Every entry should explore and present according to the evaluation criteria stated. If a submission does not address all five criteria, entrants reduce the numbers of panels submitted. Please show on the top right-hand corner of every panel: UserID, Category and Country that project is located in.

Candidates must confine use of text to the space labelled TEXT within the submission template. Spaces created for IMAGES should consist only of drawings, rendered images, photographs and thumbnails (only two exterior images of the project are permitted). Text here should be limited to captions only. 

The contents of the panels should be sufficient to impart a clear understanding of proposal. Scales that are necessary to comprehend certain drawings, such as plans and sections, must be show as graphic scales next to the drawing.

Under no circumstances will the Jury consider additional panels, materials or individual images that do not fit into submission template. 

c) Maximum file size of each panel = 18 MB, submitted as a PDF or JPEG electronic file
• All images should be presented within the submitted panels.
• Individual images will not be accepted for judging.
• All images featured on the panels must be in RGB mode with a resolution of 72 DPI, laid out in landscape format

• The jury reserves the right to ignore lengthy text explanations found within IMAGE panels.
• Entrants may be asked for files at a higher resolution of 300 DPI. Competition Registrar will advise Entrants if/when high-resolution softcopies are needed. 


      • [DownloadForm I. Consent from Owner / Developer
      • [DownloadForm II. Copyright Licence
      • [DownloadForm III. Declaration
      • [Download] Form IV. Project Details

All entries must be submitted either in
1) Electronic format
 via or to OR
2) Hard copy / CD
to the nearest BCI office before 3 December 2017

For hard copies, please include on the back of the envelope
• UserID
• Submitting firm's contact information, including name, address, phone number and email address.

*By participating in this competition, entrants will grant BCI Asia permission to publish their projects on BCI Asia's magazines, websites, newsletters, social media, newspapers and collaterals.