To enter, please prepare:

1) Report
    · Project's information including name, location, category and concept stage completed date and/or completed date
    · A 250-word max description of the project challenges
    · A 250-word max description of specific solutions to project challenges
    · Report must be submitted in JPG or PDF format only and the maximum size of the file is 2500KB.

2) A maximum of four A1 presentation panels 
    · 7 to 10 colour images of your project — only one (1) exterior image is permitted
    · Captions may be added for explanation
    · Panels are to be submitted as a PDF or JPEG electronic file. Maximum file size of each panel is 2500 KB.
    · You may also choose to upload individual images (JPG or JPEG, under 1MB each)
    · All images featured on the panels must be in RGB mode with a resolution of 72 DPI, laid out in landscape format

Entrants can participate as individuals or in teams.

All submissions must be sent in electronic format via or to OR in hard copy/CD to nearest BCI office before 30 December 2016

   · For hard copies, please include UserID and the firm's contact information on the back of the envelope, including name, address, phone number and email address.

There is no limit to the number of eligible projects a firm may submit; however, each project may only be submitted once.

*By participating in this competition, entrants will grant BCI Asia permission to publish their projects on BCI Magazines, BCI websites, newsletters, social media, newspapers and collaterals.