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An Cuong Wood-Working JSC

An Cuong Wood has strived to become a leading company in the Vietnamese and Southeast Asian markets. After more than 25 years of development, An Cuong Wood has consistently achieved a growth rate of 25% – 30% per year, becoming one of the largest enterprises in the wood furniture industry in Vietnam. With the strategic direction "An Cuong - Wood furniture solution for every house", An Cuong Wood has gradually gained confidence with project investors, design consultants, general contractors, enterprises, furniture retailers and most of all, millions of Vietnamese consumers. Currently, An Cuong is a firm providing more than 50% of middle and high-end interior materials products for the domestic market, constantly expanding export markets.

Aiming to become one of the leading company in management as well as production technology, An Cuong Wood is constantly updating trends in colours as well as excellent wood furniture solutions in the world, continuously investing in a series of modern machinery and equipment up to tens of millions of USD in cost. Since then it has been successfully applied in the enterprise's system. Specifically in the production stage, for the first time and being the only one  in Southeast Asia, An Cuong has invested nearly USD 5 million in the entire manufacturing system for wood-like product. An Cuong factory covers an area of more than 240,000 square metres, with more than 50% of machines being automated and integrated into the SAP - ERP system in order to optimise production efficiency and the smallest deviation rate per order. In addition, An Cuong develops a smart ecosystem and a series of other applications to maximise support for users and increase practical experience. An Cuong's developing product lines include: An Cuong Catalog, An Cuong VR360, An Cuong CRM, An Cuong Design Tool and An Cuong CabinetPro, etc.

By improving production capacity and responding to market innovation, An Cuong Wood receives attention from major investors such as Vinhomes, Nova Land, Capital Land , Nam Long, Keppel Land, Gamuda Land, Ha Do, Khang Dien and Hung Thinh etc. These values have been proven by Vinhomes using 100% An Cuong Wood product combined with high-end kitchen equipment, providing Malloca and AConcept’s loose furniture for a series of projects such as Vinhomes Smart City, Vinhomes West Point, Vinhomes New Center, Vinhomes Symphony and Vinhomes Ocean Park etc.

An Cuong has also received investment capital from world-scale corporations such as Sumitomo Forestry and VinaCapital-DEG up to hundred millions of USD. In addition to affirming the brand in the interior materials industry, An Cuong has gradually become a powerful corporation. An Cuong Wood’s parent company and its member companies are reputable brands in the market such as Malloca high-end kitchen appliances, AConcept furniture and Imundex smart furniture accessories etc. Simultaneously, the combination with other world famous brands such as Hettich (one of the leading manufacturers of furniture accessories from the Federal Republic of Germany) and Schneider Electric Corporation - France (intelligent control solution Wiser) has not only provided the Vietnamese market with modern products according to international standards, but also with excellent Smart Home solutions to each project.

At the same time, An Cuong has been evaluated and recognised by the government as well as prestigious domestic and international organisations through a series of reputable awards, such as Green Label (Singapore), SA 8000, Top 10 Construction Materials Companies 2020, CSI Sustainable Development Enterprise 2020, National Brand - Vietnam Value 2020 – 2022 and Top 50 Best Vietnamese Enterprises (Top 50 Vietnam The Best) voted by Vietnam Report.

An Cuong has built a vision—a future in the direction of safe, efficient and sustainable growth, thereby creating proud and respectable achievements. For more information, please visit